CSR: focus on sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) holds a central position in QolorTech’s mission. Not only does this apply to our internal business operations, but we also strive to establish sustainable initiatives and solutions with suppliers and clients.

Here are just a few examples of sustainable initiatives:

  • Since 1 January 2014, QolorTech only uses green energy that is sustainably generated by wind, water and solar energy.
  • QolorTech participates in the ‘Nieuwe Generatie Denkkracht’ project, a project that aims to connect schools and businesses. We regularly invite students to attend a company viewing and confront them with the challenges we face. How can the reuse of plastics be improved and how do we clarify to the market that this is both possible and necessary?
  • To facilitate the recycling of plastics, we devise solutions for making plastic products more detectable.
  • Not only do we endeavour to use recycled plastics more often in our own masterbatches, we also help our clients with tailor-made solutions for the deployment of different recycling streams.
  • Since 2014, QolorTech has been transporting its goods in a climate-neutral fashion via the freight-forwarding company Rotra. Rotra compensates for CO2 emissions by investing in renewable energy projects certified by the Climate Neutral Group. To support this, QolorTech pays a fee in excess of the freight rate, which is transferred by Rotra to the Climate Neutral Group. This is how we contribute annually to compensating for many hundreds of tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Adding color. Adding sense.

Adding color. Adding sense.