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Sustainable initiatives

At QolorTech, we take responsibility by engaging in sustainable entrepreneurship wherever possible. We strive towards sustainable solutions and are involved in all sorts of social initiatives in our area.

Sustainable solutions
Examples of our sustainable initiatives:

  • We use only green power that is generated using wind, water, and solar energy;
  • To make recycling easier, we use pigments and additives that are easily recovered or can be processed in an environmentally friendly manner whenever possible;
  • We pay a lot of attention to developing masterbatches that can be used on recycled plastics;
  • We use climate-neutral shipping by transport company Rotra for all of our deliveries. Rotra invests in sustainable energy projects; this means that QolorTech pays an additional fee on top of the usual shipping rate, which Rotra then transfers to the Climate Neutral Group. This way, we were able to contribute to compensating for 318 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2015.

CSR in our area
We are actively involved in educational projects at elementary schools and secondary schools in our area. On top of that, we are involved in sponsoring and supporting social and cultural activities in our area. Here is a list of some of them:

  • We are part of the ‘New Generation of Brainpower’ project that has students of the senior general secondary school RSG Noord Oost-Veluwe write papers on reusing plastics;
  • We are participating in the Week of Technology organised by the three biggest cities in our area;
  • We organise open house days for local residents;
  • We support the Vaassen-Epe-Heerde food bank through sponsoring and consultancy - and by actually rolling up our sleeves;
  • We are involved in organising various cultural activities in the area, such as Epe on Ice, Epop Festival, and Jazz Comes to Town. We are the principal sponsor for Epop;
  • We assist local entrepreneurs in various ways.