Social projects

CSR: a social commitment to the local community

QolorTech is actively involved in educational projects with both primary and secondary schools, in sponsorship activities and in supporting social and cultural events in the local community. Social involvement may also entail providing active support to local businesses.

Here are just a few of the social projects and initiatives we are involved with:

  • Participation in the Nieuwe Generatie Denkkracht project, where final-year students at the RSG Noord Oost Veluwe school in Epe have to write a paper on a research issue set by a business, in this case: how can plastics be more effectively recycled? The end result being the sustainable recycling of plastic bottletops that have been collected separately.
  • Participation in the Week van de Techniek (engineering week)
  • Organising open days for local residents.
  • Support for the Vaassen-Epe-Heerde foodbank through sponsorship, advice and active involvement.
  • Helping to put in place cultural activities such as Epe on Ice, the Epop Festival and Jazz Comes to Town.