Interesting project for QolorTech

Both the industry as well as the market are looking for more and more possibilities to re-use waste plastic materials. Driven by the general public opinion it is a huge advantage nowadays when you can state the following “my product is based on recycled material”.

QolorTech stands for knowledge, full technical support and high quality products when it comes to color and or improve the characteristics of plastic materials. It is the ambition of QolorTech to help their customers in the best possible way.

In this particular case QolorTech was asked to develop an economical proposal that would give the same color in a blend of virgin/recycled PP as the current crates based on prime material. The new masterbatch formulation should also contain a prescribed UV-package. The color of the new crates should be within a narrow color specification. And finally the costing for coloring/stabilizing the virgin/recycled PP blend should stay below an agreed price level.

Before starting the project, a QolorTech technical sales specialist discussed the approach of the project in depth with the customer. This for both parties to exactly know from each other what to expect technically, commercially and within what time frame the samples would be available. Besides matching the right color, also possible warpage issues and requested final material performances had to be tackled in order to successfully close the project.

The outcome is a perfect new container with significant lower material costing and a considerable positive contribution to the re-usage of waste plastics.

Adding color. Adding sense.

Adding color. Adding sense.