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QolorTech buys the neighbors property.

QolorTech BV continues to invest in growth. The management has come to an agreement with the adjoining company, to acquire…

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Pupils getting in touch with sustainable enterprise

For pupils getting in touch with companies and getting to work on current issues, is a real eye-opener. From our…

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QolorTech's black plant back in full production.

Thanks to the efforts of many, QolorTech has succeeded to stay within the deadline of 10 days production shut down.…

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Fire at QolorTech quickly under control.

On Tuesday night 25.08.2015 a short fire had raged, which damaged the roof of the hall of the black masterbatch…

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Kuncai Europe B.V.

We are pleased to inform you that we have established a joint venture for our pearl business with our long…

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Rotra ecological footprint

In their continuous efforts to introduce new initiatives for a contribution to a better environment, since 2014 QolorTech have their…

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Rebranding QolorTech

The reason behind our new identity. During the past ten years, QolorTech has moved its focus towards the creation of…

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