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Expansion of the Extruderpark

15 October, 2014

The latest piece being worked upon during the last few months was the installation of 3 extruders, which are designed to perfect the concept of QolorTech. With the current operating machinery park of 11 installations, consisting of Buss kneaders, twin screw extruders, a long continuous mixer and a Banbury mixer, QolorTech is well-equipped to produce large volumes and of very specific formulations.

The machinery provides out-puts from 200 to 2,500 kg per hour. The total installed capacity of QolorTech thus reaches to 40,000 tons per annum. Product development and quality control are provided by the laboratory, which also has been modernised and expanded.

In this way QolorTech as a strategic player has acquired a strong position in multiple segments of the European market.