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Fire at QolorTech quickly under control.

27 August, 2015

On Tuesday night 25.08.2015 a short fire had raged, which damaged the roof of the hall of the black masterbatch production. Contrary to initial news releases mentioning a conflagration, the fire was contained relatively quickly. In fact the fire and the damping down has taken hardly more than one hour. For the after-care a small team remained behind during a few hours. Because the black production site is separated from the rest of the works by means of a firewall, the operations in the other parts of the company were able to start in the morning as usual.  

Probable cause of the fire is a short circuit.
Immediately after the sign had been given that the fire was under control, a small team inside QolorTech was formed with the aim to resume production within one week. Within this period the roof, the wiring and the valves, which have suffered from the heat, are to be replaced. Construction has begun this morning.
Thanks to considerable stocks deliveries are not endangered.
QolorTech is a healthy company with dedicated employees whose enthusiasm has not suffered from the incident in any way.
Our thanks go to all who have sympathized with us.

Michiel de Jong
Managing Director