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Colour masterbatch

At QolorTech, we develop our coloured masterbatches in close collaboration with our clients. We always strive for the best solution, not just in terms of finding the right colour, but also by creating a cost-efficient product and providing the right grain size.

Based on your wishes and ideas, our experienced colourists get to work in our application laboratory. Using a description or colour sample, we develop a new colour. We show it to the client so that they are able to get a very detailed idea of what the colour, grain size, and composition of the new product are going to be like. During that stage, we also take time to discuss the colour intensity. Sometimes, a lower pigment content can also suffice, considering the application that the masterbatch will be used for. As a lower pigment content means lower costs, we always try to figure out the most effective and cost-efficient colour intensity. Once the initial concept has been agreed upon, we then create test samples that approximate the eventual production conditions as closely as possible, allowing clients to judge whether the masterbatch meets their wishes.

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