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Masterbatches are used for colouring or adding certain properties to plastics. QolorTech develops masterbatches that can be applied in wide range of industries. Due to our extensive experience with colouring, additives, and dispersion technology, we are able to offer full premium services.

Coloured, black, white
We offer a wide range of standard white, black, and terracotta masterbatches. On top of that, we also develop tailor-made masterbatches. Our strength lies in a close collaboration together with our clients to be able to develop the optimal colour, grain size and composition for their masterbatches. Our QolorTech coloured, black, white, and terracotta masterbatches are registered under the Masterminds® brand name. Read more about:

  • Coloured masterbatches
  • Black masterbatches
  • White masterbatches
  • Terracotta masterbatches

Masterbatches can also serve to change various properties of plastic products; for example, they can add a rougher texture or a greater shine to a material. These kinds of masterbatches are called additive masterbatches. QolorTech offers a wide range of additive masterbatches, registered under the brand name of HiQontrol®.

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