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Driven by technology

QolorTech has a great deal of know-how when it comes to pigments and dispersion technology. This know-how is harnessed to provide technical support in the following areas:
•    coloristics of primary polymers and recycled products
•    additives
•    quality control and standardisation
•    production

Much of this technical expertise is developed and applied in the analytical lab and the applications lab.

Analytical laboratory
In the analytical lab use is made of the following:
•    a fully automated device for establishing the MFI of thermoplastics;
•    infrared analysers for determining moisture levels;
•    Colibri equipment for colour measurement;
•    DSC and TGA for measuring the thermal properties of polymers;
•    microscopics for visual inspection;
•    FTIR for ascertaining the composition, levels and purities of additives as part of the quality control process.
•    Bandol wheel for simulating outdoor conditions so that testing of plastics with specific additives can be done more speedily with respect to their weather resistance.

Applications laboratory
The applications laboratory houses various machines which enable testing of the masterbatch's behaviour in production conditions. These include:
•    three 2-roll mills and two presses;
•    two injection moulding machines;
•    two blown-film extruders;
•    four twin-screw and one single-screw extruder.