Advice and Development

QolorTech helps you develop in many areas.

We help our clients as much as possible. That’s our philosophy and forms the foundation for lasting partnerships. Our staff constantly undergo training in the latest developments in the field of pigments and additives. QolorTech employs specialists in many different areas. They will discuss your wishes with you and provide you with expert advice. We then deploy a modern and well-equipped application centre to work out the latest proposals and test specific properties in advance.

A selection of the service options in our application centre:

  • Injection-moulding machines for injection-moulded plates in different polymers
  • Blown-film line for the packaging industry
  • Bandol Wheel for comparative durability testing
  • Extruders (double and single) in different sizes for making colour/additive samples
  • Two rollers and high-pressure presses for new colour developments

We use the very latest techniques for chemical and physical material analyses:

  • DSC, TGA, FTIR and microscopic analyses
  • Oven testing
  • MFI measurements
  • Gas yield measurements
  • Moisture measurements

We would love to be of service!


Perfect logistics, straight from our factory.

We aim for as fast a delivery time as possible. QolorTech delivers standard products and on-demand directly within a few days throughout all of Europe. As a rule, order-specific productions are delivered within 3–4 weeks. And if speed is of the essence, then we’ll look closely at how best to arrange that for you. Order processing at QolorTech is based on a highly automated internal production planning system and logistics organisation.

QolorTech carries an average stock of 400 tons of ready-made product in its warehouses. At least 25 tons leaves the door every day on its way to clients both in the Netherlands and abroad. Orders vary from a single pallet to trucks full of pallets. Everything is delivered at the agreed time, accompanied by the requisite paperwork. And that for over 2,000 flawless orders a year – quite an achievement! Yet more evidence of the outstanding service of QolorTech.

Your orders are always delivered on time.

Adding color. Adding sense.

Adding color. Adding sense.