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Joint innovation

Instrumental to the successful processing of QolorTech masterbatch products by its customers in the plastics industry is the sharing of this knowledge and collaboration with partners to bring about innovative solutions. Whereas the customer knows all about the end-product and its production, QolorTech is able to contribute expertise in the field of colour and other qualities that can be added to the end-product with its masterbatches. This expertise has been gained, in part, through the collaboration with suppliers of raw materials needed for masterbatches, well-known producers of pigments and additives.

QolorTech goes a long way further than simply satisfying the specifications. For example, with a more colour-intensive pigment and/or a different dispersion technology, it's possible to use lower pigment concentrations to bring about a specific colour intensity. Specific additives might also be combined in an additive masterbatch, as a result of which the end-product is better able to resist the effects of the weather. In doing so, everything is done to ensure that the solutions are geared up to the customer's processes, and perhaps even improve on them.

QolorTech invests a great deal of research and development in order to arrive at this product and process innovation for the customer. Firstly, this is done by testing and optimising compositions of pigments and additives. But this is also achieved by innovating production technology in order to bring about even better dispersion of pigments, a more intense black or a cheaper price.